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Our COVID-19 measures

· COVID-19

In order for our guests to receive safe and comfortable treatments, we would like to inform you our COVID-19 measures and requests to our guests.

Our new COVID-19 measures

・ Reservations are limited to reservations only.

・ Massage therapist takes temperature every morning.
(Cancellation if the massage therapist is above 37 degrees)

・ Massage therapist wash her hands with soap before and after treatment

・ Massage therapist wears a mask

・ Periodical disinfection of the touching area in the treatment room

・ Regularly open windows to ventilate the treatment room

・ Massage therapist will have a distance of 1.5 m when she is talking to guest.

・ Massage therapist will only have the necessary conversations during the treatment.

・ Massage therapist will check guest’s physical condition before the treatment.
・ When the guest has cold / fever complaints, the treatment will be cancelled.

・ A disinfection gel is prepared in the treatment room.

・ The reservation will be changed: if the guest feels sick or if the guest has been traveled "red zone" within 2 weeks or if the guest is suspected of having a deep contact with a person who may be infected with the coronavirus.

Depend on a request of the guest, we can also provide the treatment with your clothes on.

Or we can also provide the treatment with the rubber gloves on.

We would like to make every effort to create a clean environment by giving maximum consideration to the safety of our guests and taking all necessary measures to ensure that guests receive massage treatments comfortably.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us.

Best regards,
BodyScapes / TOMOKO TAKE

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